The Problem

Smartboxed is a complex program that lots of different departments rely on. Because it’s internally facing, it doesn’t get a lot of attention, particularly from a UX perspective. Although Smartboxed was used by everyone from office workers in NYC on laptops, to our warehouse managers in union on iPads, the site itself wasn’t responsive.

The Solution

In order to better understand the product, I talked to many different users within the company. I did this project independently for the week long Hackathon this January. Because of the limited time, the final screens just encompassed a responsive homepage. However, I gained a lot of great insight into how employees at Boxed use Smartboxed and would love to make further changes to the product.




I went to multiple people within the company to do on-site user interviews and usability testing. I talked to inventory, merchandise, and marketing employees in the NYC office. I also spent a few days in our Union, NJ warehouse talking to the logistics engineers, packers, floor workers, and shipping and receiving managers.


The Old Smartboxed




Updated Designs


The Future

In the future, I’d love to revise more screens and rethink even more of the architecture of the site. Ultimately, change should be made gradually and with good education and communication, since people at Boxed rely on this in high pressure situations like when packing boxes for shipments.