The Problem

Previously, our navigation dropdown was a menu item that said “All Products” that would lead to a simple gallery list of all our products. Over the years, we’ve managed to introduce better hierarchy and navigation for a better user experience and customer discovery. Although we’ve made tweaks and improvements over the years, this iteration of the navigation menu is the basis for our current menu.

The Solution

Because the previous menu covered the top of the page, we found it was difficult for users to see everything they wanted to when browsing. When we launched this, our product design manager, Jillian Crudo, began design and discovery and using that, I did prototyping and user research (in person interviews and usability testing). From there we took those learnings and made adjustments.



The Beginning Designs


Prototyping and User Research

Once Jillian had a UI and UX solution to the menu that the design team and stakeholders were interested in, I started the process of prototyping the static designs from Sketch into Principle. I also began my normal user research process. I write a script, recruit users based on specific criteria (usually using a website called User Interviews), booked the appropriate times, got gift cards for compensation, and communicated with both the incoming users and my internal team at Boxed to ensure everything went smoothly.



video demonstrating the prototype and menu interaction.


Interview Script and Usability Testing


Notes from the User Testing Sessions


Select Screenshots from the Test


Analysis Document

Select slides that were presented to the executive team and helped informed our final designs going forward.


Final Designs

Ultimately, we decided to go forward with this design. Jillian and I worked on UIs and she did the final annotated screens to finish the project and work with developers to get the feature launched.