The Problem

Prior to this, the Boxed app’s on boarding took multiple steps of education and selling Boxed’s premise. Our mobile PM wanted to test how a quicker, more streamlined approach would affect account creation and login.

The Plan

We updated the older flow’s UI and A/B tested that against a new, streamlined flow. I created prototypes to clearly communicated the desired functionality and interaction design.



To help inform my design decisions, I looked at similar app’s on boarding experience.


Original Flow and Designs


Version one: Updated UI

Using the above, original flow, we updated the UI to reflect changes in our style guide.


Final Screens and Flow

Prototype of the first time user experience flow for iOS

Prototype of create account flow for first time user


Going forward

A few months after this flow was designed and implemented, we hired our Senior Mobile Designer, Carly Moss, and since then there has been many iterations of our iOS on boarding. Currently, we have a video as our opening screen on iOS, which has lead to increased conversion.