Select Works From Boxed

For the past 3 years, I’ve worked at Boxed on a small but dedicated product design team. Because of the size of our team, I get a chance to touch almost all parts of the Boxed product at all points in the process. Here is a sampling of some of the work I’ve done.

Re-envisioning Boxed’s homepage, and redesigning the above fold experience.


Redesigning Boxed’s First Time User Experience on iOS.


Using user testing and research to improve Boxed’s navigation.

Creating a scaleable solution for Boxed’s content rich pages.


Designing a framework for third party companies to leverage Boxed’s tech.


Improving Boxed’s add to cart experience and interaction for users.

Integrating American Express Pay with Points into Boxed’s checkout flow.


Designing Boxed’s internal inventory management system.


More work

I’ve been a designer on many different projects, at all kinds of companies in the past. Here are a few select projects and brands that I’ve worked on.


Eyes Wide Open



Branding, Illustration, and Visual Design

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